Our laundrette is staffed and we are happy to make suggestions based on our experience. We have a lot of first-time laundrette users, please don’t hesitate to ask us how it all works.

The programs vary, but all our washing machines offer a cool cycle through to a 60° cycle. Our dryers have up to four heat settings, so you can blast those towels or care for those delicates.  

Our machines are token operated, so no need to scrabble in the bottom of your bag for loose change. Pay at the till and we’ll give you a token.

  1. 3x 8kg Washing machines

  2. 3x 8kg tumble dryers

  3. 1x 12kg Washing machine (king-sized duvets)

  4. 1x 12kg tumble dryer

Gone are the days when you had to sit in a dingy laundrette, frightened to go and buy milk lest your clothes were gone on your return. Laundry no longer has to be a chore. Bring your smalls to At The Well, where the space is bright and airy, clean and cared for. Meet up with friends, read a book, have a drink, grab a bite, surf the net, all in the name of doing your chores.

8kg wash token ~5.00

8kg dryer token ~1.00 (15 mins)

12kg washer token ~7.50

12kg dryer token ~2.00 (10 mins)

Bio, Non-bio or

Daz ~1.00/ 2.00

Conditioner ~50p

Vanish ~1.00

We all wish there could be a few more hours in the day, and laundry can sure take up a load of them. This is why we offer service washes, where we do it for you. Drop in a bag of washing, and we will give you a text as soon as it is washed, dried and folded. It’s a just-like-mum-used-to-do service, so we will even pair your socks for you. There is nothing nicer than unpacking beautifully folded laundry back into your drawers without any of the effort.

If you are a local business owner we would really love to support you. If you have tea-towels, aprons, tablecloths, football kits, clothes, bed-sheets, towels or uniforms that need washing on a regular basis, bring them down to us, and get them done at a great price.

The Laundrette (According to the guardian)http://www.theguardian.com/society/shortcuts/2016/mar/08/from-washhouse-to-art-house-reinventing-humble-launderette?CMP=share_btn_fbhttp://www.theguardian.com/society/shortcuts/2016/mar/08/from-washhouse-to-art-house-reinventing-humble-launderette?CMP=share_btn_fbshapeimage_6_link_0