What is a full service wash?

A full service wash means we do it all. Drop your dirty laundry into us, and have it washed (powder and conditioner included), dried and folded. The best thing since sliced bread.

What is a half service wash?

A half service wash is where you put your clothes on to wash (buying or using your own powder) and when it is done we take it out, dry it and fold it for you. It requires a washing machine to be free, and to be done early enough in the day for us to be able to fully dry and fold it before closing.

The time it takes for us to get your washing back to you will vary, weekdays we aim to deliver same day returns, and we ask for a minimum of five hours. Weekends will usually be next day returns. We will send you a text message when your washing is ready for collection, but please ask a member of staff who will be able to estimate the pick up time.

We are limited to how many service washes we are able to do a day, but we try to be accommodating. You may wish to give us a call before drop off, to check our availability.

We will ask you to fill out a short form with your name, contact details, washing temperature, drying temperature and powder preference. You will also be asked to sign a disclaimer which gives us permission to wash and dry your clothes at the temperatures you have chosen.

We are grateful if you bring your items in a bag, box or basket that we can pack your clothes back into.

8kg half service wash ~12.00

8kg full service wash ~15.00

12kg half service wash ~16.00

12kg full service wash ~20.00

Feather ~ add 4.00